Mandorlificio cugini Pendino - Sicilia

The almonds factory Pendino comes from years of experience in the world of processing and trading of dried fruit and other soil products.

The family Pendino, already active in the early 1960s, has gained considerable experience and professionalism in more than half a century, above all in the almond trade, but Alessandrina and neighboring territories, such as carobs, broad beans, sumac, wheat and barley.

The first to enter the trade in such products abandoned by the Brothers Pietro, Angelo and Giuseppe Pendino, who are animated by the passion for agriculture and the intention to export elsewhere the products of their own land, undertook the commercial ones, after many years spent in the countryside, cultivated above all with almond trees.

The terrain and the hilly climate characteristic of the Alexandrian countryside are particularly suitable for the cultivation of almonds, the proof of this is the great production that throughout the twentieth century up to today it has created the territory, making this municipality of Agrigentino one of the main producers in Sicily.

Currently the Pendino company is a horse between the second and third generation, and after years of work respecting the tradition and the teachings inherited from the Fathers, continues the incentive activity organized by the industrial transformation of the agricultural product as well as direct trade.

Here is how tradition and history become today Innovation and industry, with the production of finished products ready to be placed on the market, such as the variety of shelled and peeled almonds and the production of almond paste, within the new factory.

The food products of the Pendino Cousins ​​are characterized by taste and quality, in full compliance with the regulations in force and guaranteed by professionalism.